Mucumbli Explore is an Incoming Travel Agent offering guided tour services, organizing excursions and providing tourist packages. We have one branch in Ponta Figo-Neves and one in the heart of the city of São Tomé, Rua Barão de Água-Izé.

Since our launch in 2016 we have been offering outstanding service delivering special and memorable experiences.
Our team is young, enthusiastic, competent, qualified and totally committed to tailor fun and unique programs to our customers’ needs and requests.

We combine efficiency and reliability with creativity and professional experience counting on selected, qualified and trustworthy partners who enhance our services and strengthen our leading position on the market.



We are committed to always treat our clients in a professional and ethical manner and to work with utmost respect for the environment.



We focus on the well-being, safety and satisfaction of our clients, offering sterling, customised service. We act on the principles of responsible and sustainable tourism by practising activities that are socially just, economically viable and environmentally correct. The preservation of S. Tomé and Príncipe as a unique and authentic destination as yet is our constant pledge.


Our services

Attentive to the needs of our customers and perceptive of market trends, we invest in exclusive solutions in order to exceed our customers’ expectations.
We want to transform your stay in Sao Tome and Principe into a unique, unforgettable experience where you can interact, understand and enjoy the culture, the people and the authentic values of our islands.We operate with experienced guides, certified and recognised by the  Directorate-General of Tourism. We offer several itineraries of responsible and sustainable tourism with the direct involvement of local residents receiving a portion of the benefits aimed at the implementation of small community projects.